Thank You Letters


Jennifer & Harold B. – September 10, 2023

We are so thankful to Ray and Team Deckert for executing our recent home sale.  We met Cheryl and Ray many years ago and have worked with Team Deckert numerous times.  Buying and selling homes can be overwhelming, but Team Deckert brought a high level of professionalism and competence which eased our minds and made this a manageable experience for us!  Ray always took time to walk us through the process and to provide expert advice. His patience and diligence are much appreciated.  Ray is always our choice and we are so thankful for his hard work with a short timeline.


Team Deckert exceeded our expectations – you can’t go wrong with them!

Mary & Ken B. – August 7, 2023

We recently had the pleasure of experiencing truly outstanding customer service from Ray and his team. We have engaged in several Real Estate transactions over the past few years and will always partner with Team Deckert.  Ray is always prompt in returning responses to our questions and is a great communicator. He resolved any issues or concerns we had.

Furthermore, the level of professionalism displayed by his team beat expectations. They know what they are doing and remained calm during the entire transaction.  Ray is always willing to listen to our specific needs and found a solution when needed. We felt valued and appreciated. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a top-notch Real Estate Team. Thank you for a fantastic experience!

Carole & Al B. – February 28, 2022

Ray and his team helped us recently purchase the “second home of our dreams”!  For two years we searched everyday for a condo on the California Coast to escape the heat, congestion and pollution of living in LA. For two years Ray and his teams sent me daily emails of all properties available. We went to look at 2 or 3 listed properties with a team member and decided they were not what we wanted.

Because Team Deckert was so quick about sending all new listings, we were able to view a new listing the next day after listing with a team member. It was perfect because they were familiar with what we were looking for, and we made an immediate offer for a thousand dollars more than the listing. To our great pleasure, our offer was accepted the same day because Ray was familiar with the listing agent.

After the acceptance, Ray stepped in to help us finalize the purchase because he recommended his extended connections with a mortgage team and an escrow company to enable us to close escrow in 30 days, which pleased the seller as well. After closure of escrow is when Ray really stepped up to help us quickly move into our new home. He did not leave us as soon as the sale was completed. He recommended his personal friend/remodeling contractor who had in his team, painters, plumbers, electricians, problem solvers, etc. and were able to completely renew and refresh our condo in a week and a half!!!! The condo looked brand-new even though it is actually 15 years old.

Ray and his team are phenomenal. He is not just a real estate salesman but more like a friend that has your best interest at heart and can help you achieve the realization of securing your dream home. You will never make a mistake in doing business with Ray and his outstanding team! I have experienced it first hand!

Jennifer P. – June 8, 2021

Team Deckert did the most amazing job when i purchased my home, specifically Rob Perron. From the moment I met Rob, he was attentive, present, available, knowledgeable, FUNNY, accommodating and kind.

This is my first house and I’m going to say something I’m guessing most people don’t say: It was the easiest and most non-stressful experience of my life. Well, besides eating ice cream. Really, it was a dream how ease filled the experience was and I believe that was largely because of Rob and Team Deckert. I will never stop singing their praises.

I will refer them to everyone I know and only use them were I ever to buy/sell again. My home is a Haven and I feel genuinely lucky to have worked with Rob. This review feels inadequate compared to the gratitude I feel but I hope it does some justice.

I’m in awe of their work ethic, teamwork, professionalism & all around personality! May anyone buying or selling a house be so lucky.

Brad & Alyssa P. – July 14, 2020

As first-time home buyers, my husband and I could not have been more grateful to have worked with Cheryl and Ray!  They made the entire process from start to finish a complete dream.  Moving to a new town, we felt extremely comfortable with Cheryl because she had a really solid understanding of the local market and all its intricacies.  She answered her phone every time we called, which was quite a bit!  She listened to our requests and needs and found us a home very quickly that checked all of our boxes.  We love the street we’re on and the house could not be more perfect for our growing family.

Cheryl and Ray are both so personable, friendly and attentive.  Even after closing, they checked in with us multiple times.  The bottom line is they are just really on top of their business.  They both walked us through this entire process with ease and we definitely recommend using them.  We feel really fortunate to have had them on our side through this whole process and are looking forward to seeing them around town.

Jane Furr – June, 5, 2020

My nephew and his wife were beginning their search for their first home. They had decided upon Ojai California and I assured them I would connect them with a great agent through my Keller Williams network. I was able to reach out to Cheryl and I definitely hit the jack pot!! She took my nephew and his wife under her wing as if they were her own relatives! She kept me informed of the process throughout from the first phone conversation with my nephew to the closing. She indulged every first time home buyers questions with patience as she “gets it” with understanding how big a deal it is when one is making such a significant investment. Thank you Cheryl, you are fantastic!!!!!


Bjorn R. – December 18, 2019

I was thoroughly pleased with the professional services of Realtor Cheryl Deckert as the listing agent for my house in Ojai. She was efficient, effective, warm, supportive, detail oriented, and capable of handling difficult personalities in more than one challenging situation that arose in the course of the sale. She’s an excellent communicator, a creative problem solver, and can be relied on to follow through. If you have a property to sell, she’s the one you want by your side.

Stephen E. Penner, Senior Attorney – December 17, 2019

Cheryl is not only efficient and highly competent in what she does, but she has a lovely sense of humor as well. Every interaction with her is pleasant.

In assisting our offices with a complicated case, she demonstrated incredible ingenuity in problem solving, and we were very happy with how she handled the listing, sale, and escrow process for our client’s property. I would recommend her services to anyone!

Peggie W. – December 13, 2019

The Deckerts and Maria are the best!! Great communicators and negotiators . Love their openness and honesty. We had to get many estimates for repairs on the house we bought and they took care of everything, quickly and easily. Can’t say enough about how easy they made this purchase. As a result, we will now list our current home with them to sell. I’m sure we will be happy with the results!!

Karen & Jeff K. – October 19, 2019

Cheryl and Ray and their team are amazing. We highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy or sell their home. They sold our home in Ojai, California within three days. They will come into your home and discuss their marketing strategies on how to get the job done! At the same time they also value your input. Throughout the process they kept us informed and worked diligently to make sure the process went smoothly. We moved back to New England but so appreciate everything they did to get us back home.

Jennifer Bailey-Werber – August 24, 2019

Cheryl and Ray have the utmost integrity that I have witnessed.  As a home stager, I have seen how they deal with their clients during the transition of selling their homes.  They are attentive in always having an Open House on the weekends to allow for more showings, this in itself makes a huge impact. Team Deckert & DePaola are awesome and will get the job done, period!

K & M  S. – August 22, 2019

100% would recommend the Cheryl & Ray Deckert / DePaola Team to anyone who wants to buy a house.  We moved from out of state and are first time home owners so the process could have been challenging. However, through every step of the way they were accessible, reliable, personable, thoughtful, and know all the right people to make things happen very smoothly.  There were a few times we thought we would not be able to move forward due to various issues, however they held our hand and got the job done perfectly.  If we move again, we will seek their team again.  Thank you Ray and Cheryl, and thanks for the Loquat tree house-warming gift!

Michelle C. – August 14, 2019

It’s an understatement to say that Cheryl and Ray are fabulous realtors.  As first-time buyers, we were pretty overwhelmed in the beginning with all the logistics involved with purchasing a home.  We could tell right away that Cheryl and Ray had the experience and expertise we needed to help guide us through the difficult process, making us feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.  Cheryl and Ray are serious workhorses as well!  I often wondered if they ever slept!  After closing, Cheryl even helped give us some tips on how to care for our mini orchard on our property.  We can’t recommend them enough, especially for first-time buyers.  Thank you Cheryl and Ray!  We’re so grateful for your services.


ojai real estate

Martha G. – March 31, 2019

Cheryl Deckert was amazing.  I have purchased other homes and have never encountered such a wonderful and kind lady.  She worked hard for me to find the ideal home.  She answered my questions immediately. Unlike other real estate agents, who want the most amount of money they can get, Cheryl found a way to help me keep my second home as a rental income.  I highly recommend her and look forward to buying my next home with her!

Lorena R. – February, 19, 2019

We worked with Robert Perron on the purchase of our first home. We highly recommend Rob. He made sure to connect us with the right people to make this purchase possible. The purchase went through with no hiccups. Rob was available at all times, which is great!

L & H – November 29, 2018

I have used many real estate professionals, personally and professionally, and Cheryl and Ray were sensational.  The sale purchase turned into a difficult transaction yet Cheryl and Ray were there every step of the way doing what they said they were going to do and delivering on all fronts.  Their honesty, integrity, real estate knowledge and most importantly general common sense allowed this “jeopardized’ sale to close on a timely basis.  When my sister lost her house in the Santa Rosa fires and was looking at Ojai as a possible new home, Cheryl and Ray were there with compassion showing her houses and answering her questions but never pushing.  I highly recommend Cheryl and Ray for any real estate transaction.  They are the best.

Erin, Harper, Greg & Griffin – August 15, 2018

Thank you so much for everything!  We never would have ended up with this house without you!  We are so grateful!


Albert M. – March 20, 2018 (Zillow review)

Chery and Ray Deckert, along with Maria and their Keller Williams team, are top-notch real estate professionals.  They have represented me in several real estate transactions and consistently have shown the following exceptional qualities.  By way of background, I must mention that I have been an active real estate investor since 1986 and have transacted dozens of purchases and sales.  In my experience, Cheryl and Ray are part of the rare handful of gems in this business.


  1. Integrity, including highly ethical representation of both parties in the transactions.
  2. Expertise and professionalism.  They are true experts in handling all contract documents, negotiations, and escrows.  Cheryl has over 37 years in the real estate business and, even more importantly, exhibits unmatched social skills.  Ray is knowledgeable about construction, can readily identify needed repairs, plus is an expert photographer – a valuable skill in properly presenting a property.
  3. Dedication to service.  They tackle all aspects of transactions, including inspections, finding contractors to make repairs, staging, and in any way possible, lightening the burden for a seller.

Real estate transactions are complicated, burdensome, and possibly distressing.  In representing me, the Deckert/DePaola team has done everything possible to reduce that burden and complexity plus obtain the best possible results for me.


Tera Marie P. – October 9, 2017

Hello there!


Thought I’d reach out to remind you how much I appreciate your business and working with you and your team of awesome, integrity-filled agents!  You are grooming them well, to be just like you!



Keith I. and Jackie K. – April, 2017

Dear Cheryl & Ray:


We want to acknowledge you and express our gratitude for your supporting us on our journey of discovering our new home.  Working with you was so straightforward and simple, we felt supported and guided as you provided what steps to take and the information needed to make a choice, and we got to feel like we were a team.  Thank you for the gift and for being so welcoming as we moved into our new home.

E.W. – March 9, 2017

Cheryl, Ray, & Maria –


Time to eat, drink, and be merry!  I owe you guys a good time for putting up with me and the boys – all the chaos in general.  What a ride (let’s not do that again)!  I can’t begin to thank you for all you did and continue to do.  Pick a date and let’s to go Agave Maria’s.  My treat and we’ll get a cab!  ; )


Much love…XOXO

Cindy G. – March, 2017

Ray & Cheryl:


Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help and guidance through this whole process of marketing and selling BOTH my dad’s and my house.  The early morning calls, late night texts, seemingly endless negotiations with buyers, etc.  You guys are the BEST!

Benjamin & Meredith – October, 2016

(This one’s short and sweet; it was delivered to our office…)


G and M  P. – November 10, 2016

Ray & Cheryl –


Here is a little collection of things that have reminded us of fun times together to say thank you so much for working with us and helping us find the perfect home for our family.  We can’t thank you enough for making what could’ve been a stressful experience so fun and laughter-filled, and for blessing us with your friendship in the process.


ojai real estate


P. R. – June 15, 2016

Hi Cheryl, Ray and Maria –

Thank you all so very much for helping to close this very big chapter of our lives in the most graceful way possible.  I knew you were the right team to bring in to make this happen.  It was not an easy task and you handled every detail with professionalism, integrity and positive vibes under all the circumstances that were presented to us.  And we had a lot of circumstances!  For that I am most appreciative.


Thank you all so very much and congratulations!


Ken & Mary B. – May 5, 2016

Thank you Cheryl, Ray & Maria, for the wind chimes and for being our realtors EXTRAORDINAIRE!  We appreciate everything…you are the best.

John F.  –  January 4, 2016

I highly recommend Ray and Cheryl Deckert. In short, they are amazing agents. I worked with them for over a year to find the perfect weekend house/rental property in the Ojai area. Throughout this time, they were always patient with me and never pressured me to just buy something so they could move on. In fact, they spent a lot of time learning what I wanted and then kept triangulating on the best property for me. They were incredibly proactive on sending me possibilities and then diligent about scheduling visits (more challenging since I was coming from 1.5 hours away in LA). When they spotted what they thought was the “right place” for me, they were clear and direct about their reasons (but still not pushy!). I took them seriously since they had built a lot of credibility with me (due to their local knowledge of the Ojai market) at this point. During the purchase negotiation, they represented me in a respectful but fair manner that the seller also appreciated. Where the Deckerts really differentiated themselves was AFTER the purchase, when Ray and Cheryl went out of their way to set me up with local service providers (e.g., gardener, local rental managers, furniture stores), and information about utilities even though this help was not expected. I still ask them questions today and, amazingly, they still respond. I greatly enjoyed working with them and found their calm but purposeful approach to real estate representation to be a perfect fit. Thanks again, Ray and Cheryl!

ojai real estate

ojai real estate

Marla D.  –  December 4, 2015

There truly are not enough ways to express my gratitude and thanks to Ray, Cheryl and Maria, their associate, in helping me list and sell my father’s home following his passing. They managed every detail, not in just a prompt and professional manner, but with kindness and compassion that was so helpful to me during such a difficult time. During the entire process they kept me fully informed each step of the way and provided me with sound advice about how to handle each situation that arose during the selling process. I am forever grateful that I was fortunate enough to have chosen such competent, kind and knowledgeable professionals to help me in my time of need.

Betty & Gary S.  –  May 2, 2015

Cheryl & Ray,


Many thanks to you both.  We so appreciate all that you did in getting us settled with our new home in Ojai.  You really went above and beyond and we can’t thank you enough!

Looking forward to many happy times in Ojai.  Can’t wait for our first BBQ together!


ojai real estate

Albert M.  –  March 13, 2015

Cheryl and Ray,


Linda and I are extremely grateful to the two of you for all the energy, effort, good judgment, and depth of experience you bring into marketing Lomita.  Looking back into how I initially made contact with Cheryl, I am especially proud of my judgment in discovering you two and making the commitment to have you folks represent this sale.  And, as I consider the alternatives that would have been available to me in Ojai among the realtors there, without being overly judgmental, I have to say you two, hands down, stand head and shoulders above the crowd.


Thanks and cheers

Amy D. & Michael C. – May, 2014

Thank you, Cheryl & Ray, for helping us make our dream come true!!  You guys are great!  You’ve been such a pleasure to work with and perfect neighbors!  We are going to miss you when we move and hope we run into you often (and feel free to come by the new place any time to talk about goats, weeds, dogs, bees, whatever)!

Matt, Jordana, and Ari – June 28th, 2013

Cheryl and Ray,


We wanted to take the time to express how much we have appreciated working with you through this entire process.  Trying to find and purchase a home from half way across the country was quite the daunting task – everyone thought we were crazy – but we knew that if we could find a realtor who we could trust and who would understand our unique situation, that we could make it happen!  Working with you has really been a pleasure.  With your guidance and expertise in the Ojai area as well as real estate in general, you managed to walk us through each step of the process, allowing us to feel comfortable making truly important decisions from miles away.  You have gone far beyond the normal expectation of a realtor – even now, continuing to feed our newly acquired pets and checking on the home while we’re gone.  You have really made this entire process easy and comfortable for us!


Thank you for all your help!

ojai real estate

Jon and Josefina B. – June 15, 2013

If following the Hawaiian custom we had sent you lovely leis with each flower representing your talents, your charm, your grace, you would have to be seated while wearing leis extra long.  (They would have gone past your ankle and could have weighed half a ton!)


So, no leis were sent to trip over
and cause damage to your head,
we opted for risk much lower
and sent passion fruit instead.
Now, to end this impromptu poem
we say with firm certitude,
for your great help, Ray and Cheryl,
we feel deepest gratitude!

ojai real estate

Chuck S. and Jay F. – June 10, 2013

Ray & Cheryl,


We can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are for having had you be with us and guide us through this process.  We instantly felt right at home in your company – and that made it feel all along that you were helping us to find our home, not just a house.  We so appreciated your giant hearts and your sense of humor.  It made what could have been a very stressful process fun.  (And a little stressful!)  But we fully trusted your expertise – which is palpable – the whole way.  Though we are (jump up and down) thrilled in our new home, we are sad not to meet up with you every once in a while…and so we look forward to having you over when we have it a bit more purty-fied.


With gratitude…

ojai real estate

Steve and Maggie H. – April 19, 2013

Dear Cheryl & Ray:

Thank you for helping us find our new home!  Maggie and I greatly appreciated the time you took to understand what we were looking for by showing us various houses (4 children in tow!) and listening to our concerns.


I don’t think that we would have ended up with our house if you had not helped us with all of the challenges that came up along the way.  You navigated us through those challenges and made it so easy for us!  We loved working with your “Trusted Professionals” (Emily, Tami, Richard, etc.) who were so helpful and kind as well.  You made the whole process as pain free as I imagine that it could be!


We could not have imagined a year ago finding the wonderful house that we did.  We could not have done it without you!


God Bless

Maureen V. – March 5, 2013

Dear Cheryl & Ray:


Twas indeed my good fortune to link arms with such skilled professionals and dear, fun folks as yourselves!  Thank you!  From the top and bottom of my heart for all your efforts on my behalf, including the many extra thoughtful touches!  Buying a house has been a great adventure, but buying one with the pleasures & advantages of your guidance & expertise has made it a truly powerful experience!  I’ve so enjoyed our professional relationship and look forward to a long, lovely friendship!  Thank you, thank you for all!


With great fondness…

Crystal D. – January 11, 2013

I was dumbfounded.  Keys in hand, with the immensity of the task and the realization that this dream I had been prodigiously working to fulfill–not just recently with you, but for years in strategizing, worrying, and scrutinizing–was there, manifest in front of me.  After you and Ray left I kept thinking “gosh, I should have said more, maybe something insightful”  but I was in fact, just swept away in the experience and in planning how I am to get everything done.


So now that I have had a little time to process I want to again share with you my deepest gratitude for your part in helping me buy this house.  So many things just seemed to click as soon as I began working with you that it is uncanny.  When we met for our interview, I explained what I was looking for in a person and professional and you are everything I expected, and more.  Thank you for your hard work and integrity. Most of all thank you for really listening to what I wanted and needed.  I cannot commend enough your masterful touch for keeping me informed, relaxed, and even amused during this nerve-wracking  process.  I am sure I will think of many more artful things to say in a couple of days, but I did want to apologize for the flat note yesterday and let you know how much I appreciate you.

Barbara & Marv B. – January 9, 2013

How can I begin to tell you how much we value Cheryl & Ray Deckert?  Over the course of several VERY difficult years in real estate, they expertly shepherded us through the process of both selling our house and buying a new one in spite of multiple frustrating circumstances.  We found them to be knowledgeable, capable, responsive, timely, and above all, they never lost their sense of humor, thereby pulling our heads out of the oven on several occasions.  They were such a pleasure, both personally and professionally, that we came to love them as friends as well as being their clients.  We recommend them highly, without reservation, for any real estate needs you might have.  We feel sure you’ll be as glad as we were that you did.

Cory S. and Brad K. – November 15, 2012

Cheryl and Ray had been with us for a few years before we found it possible to sell our house.  When the time finally came for us to make the move, they gave us great tips on getting the house ready, found us a buyer quickly, and we got a really good price.  Cheryl and Ray always returned phone calls, email, and text messages promptly and took care of small details that we found hard to attend to (since we moved to a town away from the house we were selling).  We knew our realtors had many other clients who they gave the same attention and care to, but somehow felt like we were the most important.  Cheryl was beyond patient during the escrow, and always in contact with us during the process.  She was kind, while also being a no-nonsense business woman when duty called.  We cannot recommend this team enough!  If you want the best experience possible with buying or selling a house, look no further.

Zillow review – October 3, 2012

We met Maria when we were searching for a new home and we happened by an open house that Maria was showing in the neighborhood. Maria was so easy to talk with. She let us view the house on our own and then offered to go through it with us to talk over any questions about the house . She did not pressure us and yet provided us with a ton of information on the house as well as the neighborhood. She was really informative.  After talking with Maria at her open house, both my husband and I came out agreeing that we wanted Maria to represent us. We were a difficult couple to please, as far as what we wanted in a home, and yet Maria was patient, understanding and sincerely wanted us to find just the right home, no matter how long it took. Maria was always professional and knowledgeable and yet relaxed and fun to spend time with as well. She worked with us patiently, showing us as many houses as needed, until we found the right home for us.  We have had several experiences with real estate agents, both in selling and in buying homes, and Maria was the most enjoyable of all. There is no doubt in our minds that when we decide to sell our home and/or purchase another in the future, Maria will be our agent. I would recommend Maria to anyone wanting to find the perfect home.

Kris & Whitney C. – July 27, 2012

Ray & Cheryl – Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful help – we couldn’t have asked for better people to work with in the process of finding and securing this incredible house!  You are wonderful!

Harold & Jen B. – May 11, 2012

Cheryl & Ray – You’ve been wonderful to work with.  We so appreciate all of your time, professionalism, and expertise!  Harold and I absolutely cannot thank you enough.  Hope you like red (wine)…it’s a great bottle with an appropriate name!  (“Relentless”)  With gratitude and all our BEST,

Rich & Joan A. – March 23, 2012

Dear Ray and Cheryl – Thank you for your kindness and expertise in our home purchase – we couldn’t have done it without you – literally!  We are looking forward to settling in, finishing the remodeling and enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to having you over to see the finished project.  With much appreciation,

Linda & Ken K. – August 26, 2011

Ray and Cheryl – Ken and I still can’t believe that we’re living in our own home, the perfect one.  We knew when we first met you last year, when the time came for us to be in a position to buy, the two of you would be who we’d turn to.  Your vast knowledge, experience, and professionalism – as well as your enthusiasm and friendship – made what could have been a very stressful time for us “Newbies” a real pleasure instead.  The team* you have working with you is top-notch, as you both are!  We’ve already been recommending you to all our friends who will be following us to the Ojai Valley!  Thanks again, we truly could not be happier!


(*Our team on this transaction included Emily Wilson of Heritage Financial, Richard Grunder of Housemaster Home Inspections, and Tami Bright of Farmer’s Insurance.  Thanks to all of you for making us look good!)

Phil S., August, 2011

I want to thank you for the much appreciated reassurance.  After the past thirty years in an environment where integrity was inconsistent at best, it is refreshing to work with and know folks like you and Cheryl.  My trust is reinvigorated.  I look forward to a continued relationship of honesty and authenticity.  Thank you for your understanding and compassion.


Michelle and Matt E. – July 19, 2011

Ray and Cheryl – We really appreciate everything you have done for us throughout this process. We are grateful for your help and for making buying a home seem almost effortless. (I know that is not usually the case). We love our new home and thank you once again for everything.

Char M. – Real Estate Broker, October, 2010

You guys are awesome to work with!  I so appreciate your commitment to professionalism and you have our complete respect!  It was my pleasure to properly prepare the house for showing and I’m happy to share with the seller your clients feedback… thank you!

Alisa & Bob B. (purchased home on a short sale), July, 2010

We’re certainly fortunate that we had you to lead us through the process.  The wait wasn’t easy, but I always knew we were in the right hands.

Blaise B. – October 21, 2009

Cheryl & Ray – I would like to say to you, Thank You very much.  All your help, patience, and guidance has been greatly appreciated.  I have learned a lot in many ways.  I feel I couldn’t have been in better hands.

Marty & Mary Ann L. – September 14, 2009

Thank you for EVERYTHING!  We could not have not accomplished this dream without you guys!

Josh and Sharon M. – March 27, 2009

Dear Ray and Cheryl – Where to begin…you two have been so amazing through this whole process.  From the beginning, you were always on the ball and made us feel like a priority.  We appreciate all you have done and consider you good friends.  Stay in touch!  XO


(Note:  We not only stayed in touch and became friends, we convinced Sharon to become a real estate broker herself!  She is now an associate of ours at Keller Williams in Ojai.)