What’s New?

 “Best Buys In Ojai” – What’s New?

As the sole leader of Team Deckert, the amount of time I can now dedicate to updating Best Buys In Ojai is limited.  My plan is to begin with the daily blog –  where I’ll update the Quote of the Day, the Pic of the Day, the weather, and Lake Casitas water level.  New listings on the market will be presented on the Home page/blog as well (rather than being located on a separate page).  For the time being the All Listings page has been eliminated, however, I WILL be bringing it back once I can carve out a couple of days to populate the list.  The Ojai Market Data page has been eliminated, but I may be able to bring that back as well (although that would be a few months off).

The blog will be updated regularly, but only once per day on weekdays.  I will no longer be writing “Changes to the All Listings page” in the blog portion; you’ll need to check the list on your own, once that page is up and running of course.  But at least the entire list of properties will be there for you to peruse.  I’ll try to interject some commentary in the blog each day, but I am sure that there will be many days where the blog update will consist only of new listings.   

Long time readers may recall the initial point of the site when I started it in 2011 was to highlight great properties in the Ojai valley, not just in price but also in quality (thus, the name “Best Buys In Ojai”).  However, the site has morphed into something different.  I will no longer be able to take the time to write up Best Buys (or Honorable Mention) reviews.  As fate would have it, I haven’t done them since Covid eliminated the ability for me to preview properties each Friday.  Regardless, over the years it became apparent that the reviews were no longer the focus for readers.

My goal is to always keep the site fun, yet informative.  I’ll do my best to keep it relevant!

Pages/tabs that have been removed from the website:
  • Best Buys
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Open Houses
  • What is a Best Buy
  • Poll of the Month
  • Newest Listings
  • Ojai Market Data (if I can make time to bring this back, I will)
  • All Listings (will definitely be returning)