What Is A Best Buy?

What is a Best Buy?

A best buy is simply our opinion that a particular home is exceedingly well-priced.  But here’s the key to our Best Buys:  There is no single criteria that defines them.  A Best Buy is based on a variety of factors including price, location, neighborhood, condition, and quality – among others.


You’ll notice that some of the Best Buys we choose are priced in the $200,000’s and some are over $1,000,000.  Every price range has its Best Buys!  Only by walking through and seeing these homes can a Best Buy be identified, because you have to get a feel for each home.  So not only can a million dollar home have that feel, but so can a home that is priced much lower.


The goal of this website is to point these Best Buys out to you, so you don’t have to wade through the overabundance of available information (internet, newspapers, magazines, etc).  Use this website to make your Best Buys search as easy as possible!  Of course, it is also our goal to procure new clients who might be using this website.  In the event you like what we’re doing, or are interested in any of the Best Buys properties (or want to list your home for sale with us), we’d certainly be glad to help.