Ojai Market Data

Note:  Some of the links in the table below may take you to a blank page with the verbiage, “This is not a valid link.” These links have expired from the Ventura MLS and are no longer accessible.  Ojai MLS links are not affected in this way.

March 4, 2020
Here’s the Ojai Market Data for past month (data from 2/1/20 through 2/29/20):
  • 43 new listings came on the market in February; 19 of these new listings are either pending sales or have already closed.  (In January we saw 28 new listings come on the market; 15 of them were pending or closed sales as of the date of our update.)
  • 27 properties sold and closed in February (30 in January) – at an average of 92.63% of the original listing price when the property first came on the market (this figure was 91.37% for January).  Of the 27 properties that sold, 2 offers were at full price and 5 offers were over full price (in January there were 2 full price offers and 4 over full price)
  • The average listing was on the market for 155 days* before receiving an offer (102 days in January).

*Note:  If a property goes into escrow, but then falls out – we don’t use that figure to calculate the number of days on the market before receiving an offer.  We instead are utilizing the number of days for the next offer that stays in escrow and closes.


There are currently 122 active listings on the market, not including properties currently listed as pending sales. (There were 121 active listings on the date of our market update for January.)  Here’s how the current active listings break down:


  • 82 residential listings
  • 21 land listings
  • 9 commercial listings
  • 8 mobile home listings
  • 1 residential income listings
  • 1 residential condo listings
  • 0 business opportunity listings
Ojai sales-to-list price percentages, 2/1/20 through 2/29/20

Here’s the list of the 27 properties that sold and closed, including the original list price (when each property first came on the market), the final sales price, and the sales-to-list price percentage.


Ojai Market Data – February, 2019 through February, 2020

ojai market data